Peeling Garlic Easily with Water: A Guide

The task of ‍peeling garlic can be a⁢ dreary one, but there are some simple strategies ⁢that‍ you can adopt to ​make peeling garlic a breeze. This guide will introduce you to the process of peeling garlic easily with water, which is‍ a simple yet effective technique. With ⁤the ‌help of this guide, ⁤you can make ‍the task of ‌peeling garlic a hassle-free experience,‍ saving you time ​and effort in the kitchen.

1.‌ What is the Easiest Way‍ to ⁤Peel Garlic?

The ‍trick to easily peeling garlic ​is by using ​water. The secret to this ⁤trick lies in the garlic’s skin. Garlic’s skin ⁤consists of ⁣two layers of very thin sheets. One is very thin and the other slightly thicker. ⁣By breaking the thinner layer of the skin with water, the job ​of‍ peeling the garlic becomes ⁤a breeze. Here is a​ simple guide to peeling garlic effortlessly with water:

  • Fill a ‌bowl with cold water.
  • Break⁢ the garlic head ⁣into cloves.
  • Add⁣ the⁤ cloves into​ the bowl ‌and let it soak for 10 minutes.

After ⁢10 minutes, the thin layer should have become completely ⁢soft. Then, take out the garlic cloves and peel off the ‌skin. The skin can easily‌ be ‍removed‌ as it’s soft​ and​ slimy. Discard the‍ skin‌ and keep the peeled⁣ cloves aside. Now, the peeled garlic‌ cloves are ready to use as desired.

With this method, peeling garlic has become a convenient task. No need for a lot of ⁢time and energy to peel the garlic. What’s more, ⁤this trick not only‍ saves time, but ‌it also preserves ⁢more of the‍ garlic’s flavor⁣ and nutrition.

2. The⁤ Benefits of Peeling Garlic with ‍Water

  • Get Clove By Clove: Peeling garlic ⁣with water makes ⁤it easier ‌to take off the clove from each garlic​ bulb. All you have to do is soak the garlic in a bowl of ​lukewarm‌ water for a few minutes​ and then use ‌your hands to ​easily remove ⁢each clove from ‌the garlic bulb with⁣ no force.
  • Keep The ​Flavor: Peeling garlic with water also preserves‍ the ‍flavor‍ of the garlic⁤ and allows ‍for ⁣it to be used in a variety of recipes. The water also⁢ helps preserve the garlic ⁤for a longer period of time.
  • No Odor: Peeling garlic with water also eliminates the odor associated with traditional ⁢peeling. ⁤There is no⁤ need to worry‌ about your hands becoming⁤ smelling of garlic after ⁣peeling as the water instantly washes it away.

Using water to peel ‌garlic not only makes it more easily removed from the garlic bulb,⁤ but also keeps the⁢ flavor, and eliminates any‍ lingering odor. Peeling garlic with water is the perfect solution‌ for⁢ those ⁣looking for an easy and efficient way to prepare their garlic for a‍ dish. Additionally, the water will help preserve the garlic for a longer​ period ⁤of time, ‌so it will last longer ‌in your kitchen.

3. How ⁢to Peel Garlic ‌Quickly​ and Easily Using Water

1. ⁤Prepare the cloves

Start by taking as many garlic cloves ⁤as you need. Peel off​ the ⁣papery white skin​ of each clove. You can also​ lightly smash the clove under the blade of ⁢your knife⁤ to‍ loosen the ⁤skin.

2. ‌Place ⁤the cloves in the water

Fill a bowl with cold water, and add the peeled garlic cloves. ⁣Swish the garlic ⁣cloves around in ‌the water for ‌two to three ​minutes. Hold onto the garlic⁣ cloves and give the water a ⁤stir for about‍ 30 seconds.

3. ‍Take out‌ the ‍cloves

Remove the ​garlic cloves from the water and you’ll ⁣see the ‌skin⁢ has come​ off⁣ in the ‌water.⁢ You can drain the water out of the ​bowl ⁣and‌ give the garlic cloves‌ a light⁢ rinse. The peeling‌ process is complete and now you can use the garlic cloves for cooking!


  • Do not use hot water as this ⁢can cause the garlic ‍cloves to ‍be soggy and ruin the flavour.
  • Do not soak the garlic as this will make the cloves ⁢taste unpleasant.
  • Using a ⁣garlic press for this process is an excellent way ‍to peel the garlic‍ more quickly.

4. Essential Tips ​and‍ Suggestions for Peeling Garlic with ⁣Water

  • Choose the right cloves: Peel only the cloves you need in that‌ moment, rather than the ⁣entire garlic bulb. Opt ​for ‌the cloves‍ that are brighter‍ and plumper as they will ‌be easier to peel.
  • Soaking: Place the cloves in a vessel with cold water for a couple of minutes. The water helps⁤ to separate the paper and layer of garlic.
  • Use a blunt knife: Take a blunt knife and press the‌ flat side against the cloves. The pressure will easily help ​to loosen the garlic ‌and ‍make it easier‌ to peel.
  • Boil⁣ the cloves: Boiling the cloves is also ‌a great way to ⁢quickly and easily peel‌ them. Simply boil the cloves in a pot for about a minute and then use ‍a fork to peel ‍them.
  • Minimize waste: Don’t ⁤throw away the garlic peels because they are full of⁣ antioxidants and can be used ⁢in a⁣ variety of recipes. Try‌ using⁤ them in stocks ⁤and broth for⁤ extra flavor.
  • Blend them: If you ​are looking for a more spread-like pureed⁢ garlic, blend the cloves ⁤and a splash of‍ olive⁤ oil⁣ in a food processor ​for a ⁢minute. The garlic will ‌easily separate from its skins and you can store‍ it for ⁣later⁣ use.⁤

5. Conclusion: Easier and More Enjoyable Peeling Garlic with Water

Peeling garlic doesn’t have to be an arduous task.‌ With this guide, you can make peeling garlic—both unbroken and broken—easier ‌and‌ more enjoyable.⁢ Here’s how:

  • Start by soaking the garlic cloves in water: Fill a bowl‌ with ‍cold water and let ⁣it sit for⁢ 5-7 minutes. Then, add the garlic cloves,⁣ making sure ⁢they’re completely submerged. Let them ‌soak⁣ for about 15 ‍minutes.
  • Break‌ the cloves open and discard the skin: Once the​ cloves ⁣have soaked, take one‍ at⁣ a time and gently break them open. The skin should come off⁣ easily with very little pressure. Discard the skin and repeat with the rest ‍of the cloves.
  • Pat the cloves dry and ‌store: ‍Once you’ve peeled the cloves, pat dry them with a paper towel or cloth.‍ Then, store immediately or use them in cooking.

By following these⁤ simple steps,⁤ peeling garlic​ can be⁤ quick,⁢ easy, and‍ mess-free. ⁢So, the next time you ⁤need to peel garlic, why not ⁤try this water⁣ method to make ‍it easier ⁣and more enjoyable?

If you make garlic ​a part of your diet, water-peeling garlic is‍ a great ‍way to ‌quickly prepare⁤ the cloves. ⁢With a bit of practice, you’ll be ​able to easily peel garlic‌ and​ incorporate it into⁤ any ⁣recipe quickly⁤ and effortlessly.

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