How Pomegranate Can Help to Improve Your Health

Pomegranates have been the subject of extensive research in recent years due to their potential health benefits, which include reducing inflammation, improving heart health, and fighting cancer. Many of these studies have been conducted outside of the country of origin for the fruit, originating from the United States. Researchers have been particularly interested in pomegranates’ antioxidant properties and their role in protecting against chronic diseases. As a result, pomegranate juice and supplements have become increasingly popular in health and wellness circles.

Pomegranate Effects on Cancer

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An interesting study from there examined the effect of Pomegranate extract on cancer cells. The National Cancer Center conducted the study. Here, patients with prostate cancer were examined.

The subjects were given pomegranate juice 240 ml daily to see whether the juice affected the cancer cells and how it affected the patient. Of course, the patients also received chemotherapy at the same time.

In prostate cancer, a PSA redoubling time was approximately 15 months. The PSA redoubling time measures the rate of mortality in cancer patients. An extension of this time could be determined when the juice was administered to the patient. At the end of the doubling time with, 54 months were detected.

Some further studies still deal with the effect on cancer cells and the health benefits of cancer patients. The pomegranate extracts don’t only combat cancer cells in the body of a prostatic cancer patient but also other cancer, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and similar types of cancer.

Pomegranate Effects on the Cardiovascular System

Pomegranate Effects on the Cardiovascular System

In one of his articles, the specialist, Dr. Chaktty from Atlanta, discusses the effects of pomegranate and the various scientific studies. The studies are interesting as they highlight the protective effect of this extract on the cardiovascular system.

So, for those that suffer from cardiovascular diseases and drink 250 ml of Pomegranate juice, this disease can drastically improve. Blood flow is improved by 17%, and after one year, the deposits in the vessels, even at 35%, had reduced. But the patients needed to wait a whole year to feel the effects of the juice.

The cholesterol level is also lowered within 14 days. The blood pressure has been reduced greatly due to the ingestion of juice. Within a year, a reduction could be observed by 21%. In the same article published in health pally science magazine, he talked about the antioxidants, the effective ingredients of the pomegranate.

The effects of this ingredient have been studied extensively.

Pomegranate is Antioxidant


Also, it was identified in the studies that the antioxidant vaccines in pomegranate are far higher than in other fruits and even higher than in red wine. As mentioned healthfully, the consumption of Pomegranate juice showed an increase of antioxidant protection in the blood by 130%.

By eating, one can protect the brain and nervous system. Here again, the risk of brain damage through a lack of oxygen is reduced. The risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia has been reduced dramatically. The pomegranate is a silver bullet in the fight against chronic diseases and suffering.

Its effects on heart patients, Alzheimer’s disease, stress, and nervous disorders can not be underestimated. Of course, the researchers are still busy finding more information on the effect of pomegranates.

The Pomegranate as Care for Healthy Skin

pomegranate as care for healthy skin

The pomegranate is suitable not only for eating, in the cosmetics industry. You know already for a long time here that it has anti-aging properties and it’s being used for skin products.

Therefore, you can find many products that agree on the important ingredients of the pomegranate as a fruit with good care properties for humankind.

The skin is protected from the so-called free radicals, and it can delay aging to some.

End Note

In conclusion, pomegranates have emerged as a superfood due to their potential health benefits. Scientific studies from various countries, particularly the United States, have shown that pomegranates may help fight cancer, improve heart health, reduce inflammation, and even delay aging. The fruit is rich in antioxidants, which play a key role in protecting the body against chronic diseases. Additionally, pomegranate extracts have been found to have protective effects on the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of Alzheimer and improve skin health. Further research is still needed to understand pomegranates’ potential health benefits fully, but current findings have made it a popular choice in health and wellness circles.

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